Dermot F. Geoghegan Architects are a Grade III Architectural Practice Accredited in Conservation. We apply the best principles of conservation to ensure the prolonged life of buildings of historic, cultural and social value.  


  • Specialist Architectural and Design Services

  • The implications of the purchase of a protected structure

  • Grant and Funding applications

  • Appropriate general repairs to historic fabric

  • The legal background to conservation

  • Historical research and analysis

  • Appropriate conservation specifications and strategies

  • Finding appropriate new uses for historic buildings

  • Maintenance strategies and management policies

  • Identification of causes of decay

  • Budget estimates

  • Heritage Assessments

  • Statutory Obligations for declarations, Notifications and consents

  • Project Supervison Services [PSDP]

DFG Architects 


Clifton House
Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2


Tel: (+353) (0)1 6613788



Castle House
18 Castle St,  Carlow 

Tel: +(353) (0)59 913 5982

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