Mountjoy Street Apartments - Dublin City

Development of 55 No. apartments together with associated retail units


The site in North Central Dublin is surrounded by predominantly Georgian and Victorian streetscapes comprised of mainly brick-clad 18th and 19th century townhouses. It was our view that a building of some scale could be developed on this site with appropriate setbacks in order to consolidate this corner, and a strong contemporary structure was deemed appropriate.


The design takes the form of a U-shaped plan tapering down towards the rear but offering a 6 storey elevation to the principal streetscapes. The upper 2 stories have been set back to minimise visual impact and are treated in a different manner by employing reflective coloured glass surfaces to allow the building to merge with the sky. The ground floor of the building is also set back giving rise to a retail arcade effect created by columns supporting the structure above.


The principal elevations have been broken into bays 3 stories high, each reflecting the general proportions of Georgian elevations in the vicinity of the development and clad with brick to respect the local context. Traditional, durable materials have been used such as copper, stone and brick combined with cedar and glazed cladding. Pale limestone cladding is used to emphasise the importance of the principal corner with curvilinear balconies rising through the 6 floors of the building.

The building wraps around a central courtyard area with deep cantilevered decks continuing around the 3 sides of the internal courtyard on each level. These decks have been designed with such generous width in order that they might become social spaces quite apart from being practical means by which the apartments are accessed.

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