House at Seaforde - Northern Ireland

We were appointed by our client to design a house located off the Dunnanew Road to the north-east of the village of Seaforde. Outline planning approval for a single dwelling and garage was previously granted on the site. Following instruction from our client. This site offered a great opportunity for the design of a high quality and site-specific dwelling which takes full advantage of its natural context and integrates as seamlessly as possible into the surrounding landscape.

The lower bedrooms are designed as individual elements linked by a spinal corridor set into the slope. This breaks up the mass of the house and, combined with tree planting between the bedroom blocks and further boundary planting, softens its presence on the lakeside. The upper pool area sits less than a half level above the main living area and allows the house to step back into the slope.


A yellow-brown stone cladding finish has been chosen for the main wall elements, along with some timber panelling, which together will blend with the natural greens and yellows of the surrounding landscape and proposed planting. The underside of the eaves and certain wall sections are finished in traditional white render to reflect light and give shadow where required.


Environmental considerations have played a large part in the design of the house. The grass roof not only helps the dwelling blend into the landscape, it also has significant environmental benefits – it utilises excavated soil from the site, absorbs CO2, encourages biodiversity and retains rainwater, reducing runoff – in effect giving back to the site what is removed during construction.

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