Carlow Stone Centre - Carlow Town

The site occupies a prominent position in the Kennedy Street – Castle Hill streetscape


Its orientation allows us to adopt a passive solar design approach to the building by providing large areas of glazing on the south elevation and minimal glazed elements on the north elevation. Shading devices prevent the building from overheating in summer but allow a direct solar gain in winter months when the sun is lower in the sky.

The glass and polished limestone corner provide a slight step in the façade, bringing a change in the finish to a lighter blue local limestone and a classical 2 bay elevation in which the proportions of the ground and first-floor windows reflect those of the existing terrace.


A further step in the façade reveals the gated vehicular entrance/underpass, which is a common traditional feature in John Street, and another change in the finish to the wheaten colour Carlow granite.

The design approach provides a visual break between the commercial building and the adjacent dwellings. This vista when viewed obliquely from further down John Street or from Kennedy Street allows for a comfortable transition in scale between the buildings.


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