Barrow Street Apartments & Retail Unit - Carlow


We were appointed by our developer client to prepare a scheme of 12 apartments, 1 retail unit at Barrow Street Carlow


The proposed development was designed in a careful and conscientious manner with respect to existing adjacent buildings and its immediate surroundings. Two blocks have been created on the site, one of 2 1/2 stories with a 3 storey corner element fronting Maryborough Street and one of 3 storeys plus penthouse level fronting on to Carlow Town Park. The ‘street’ block to the front of the site consists of a retail unit at ground level with two floors of two apartments each above, while the ‘park’ block to the rear consists of two floors of three apartments each, with a setback penthouse level containing a further two apartments, all over ground level parking and ancillary accommodation. The space between the two blocks allows vehicular access in addition to further parking spaces and a substantial residents’ landscaped garden area, which allows for planting of evergreen trees to provide screening between this development and existing adjacent dwellings.


There are no apartments on ground level as this would have given rise to privacy issues, particularly on the park side. The apartments have been designed so that they all have a view towards the park by providing angled windows and balconies to those apartments which would otherwise face away from the park. In addition to the communal open space, all apartments are provided with private balconies, with particularly generous ones to the third-floor penthouse apartments which are set back to reduce the overall scale and mass of the building, while at the same time taking advantage of the views over the park to the River Barrow.


Elevational treatment is contemporary but suitable for the locality, with a limited palette of materials envisaged comprising white painted render, cedar cladding and aluminum clad timber framed windows & doors complemented by stainless steel handrails and glass balustrades. At ground level it is proposed that the stone from the demolished walls and buildings on the site be reused to face the retail unit and boundary walls of the development, giving the contemporary apartments above a more traditional plinth. Exposed steel beams acknowledge the industrial past of the site, and the overall effect is one of ‘historical layering’.A basement parking level is provided which removes vehicles from ground level, allowing for more open space and greater visual amenity. As the site banks down towards the coast, the basement is revealed accommodating a communal leisure/gym facility complete with swimming pool, surrounded by landscaped terraces stepping down to the sea.

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