Private House - Palatine, Carlow

In approaching the design of a house for a family at Palatine, Carlow, we were confronted with a complex brief requiring the incorporation of many features which our clients had clearly thought about at great length. The house, therefore, is very much a brief-driven building that we believe has resulted in an architecturally charming outcome.

In the first instance, our clients were anxious that the house contained one tall large, bright, warm space (the drawing room). They were also keen to have a separation between parent’s and children’s areas and desired a view of the nearby Carlow Golf Course.


Upon entering the house under a balcony bridge and through a tall glazed entrance wall, one is confronted by the double doors to the drawing room, fully glazed on its south and east elevations and functioning as a passive solar conservatory for the house. All spaces were devised to rotate around this spectacular social area.


A simple modern staircase in the entrance hall rises to a master bedroom on the upper floor with a large en-suite and study. The bedroom block on the ground floor is designed to be quite separate from other areas of the house and accessed via a gently curved corridor.

From the entrance lobby, one turns to the right and having descended a number of steps arrive in a large height and a half kitchen area which again acts as a hub around which utility spaces, a children’s t.v. room, a casual dining area, and storage areas are arranged. This kitchen area is connected to the drawing room by a formal dining room, again one and a half stories high, with a cut roof design and a curved feature wall.


Externally the house has been treated in a contemporary fashion with its most striking feature being a large very shallow pitched roof with a deep overhanging integrated pergola detail. The roof is clad in natural slate and the curved entrance wall is finished in random rubble granite stonework and smoothly curved cedar cladding. Site boundaries have been clearly defined and heavily planted with the building positioned on the site so as to maximise on sun path and views.


This house represents the successful realisation of a complex brief in a simple fashion, which has resulted in a plan which possesses great clarity and elegance.

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